Electrical Systems/ Interface Design

US Air Force High Speed Digital Video on Legacy Aircraft Wiring SBIR

5-D was awarded Phases I & II of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) AF093-035 “High Speed Digital Video on Legacy Aircraft Wiring” to develop a system leveraging commercial technology to provide high bandwidth communications using only existing aircraft wiring.  Such technology will enable fast, cost effective upgrades to legacy aircraft.  Modern payloads and mission equipment can be easily integrated to legacy platforms to extend the capability of these valuable assets.

Our design efforts resulted in development of a product; see BOA on our products page.


During this effort, 5-D researched and analyzed the most promising commercial technologies and chose Power Line Communications for the inherent benefits it offers.  5-D successfully militarized PLC technology and adapted it for the aircraft physical and electrical environments.  We built, tested, and qualified prototypes through DO-160F EMI/EMC and environmental standards.  The proven devices were demonstrated on an operational RF-4C Phantom aircraft where they provided a reliable 64 Mbps over the aircraft power systems.  In the lab they provided 60 Mbps of bandwidth over a fully operational 1553 data bus.  The final units were delivered along with the Phase II Final Technical Report to the Air Force Customer.


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