U.S. Air Force QF-4 Full Scale Aerial Target

The U.S. Air Force QF-4 Full Scale Aerial Target (FSAT) Program develops unmanned F-4 aircraft to support military weapons development, missile evaluation, and pilot training.  Retired F-4 Phantom fighters, from the military aircraft boneyard, are converted into remote-controlled aircraft. New or improved weapon systems are required by Congress (Title X, US Code 2366) to demonstrate lethality prior to production. The QF-4 provides this realistic target system used in missile evaluation and pilot training.


Logistics Effort
5-D is responsible for the Integrated Logistics Support function of the QF-4 program. This includes annual and special updates to the QF-4 Technical Order manuals in accordance with the USAF requirements. We developed and maintain approximately 40 volumes and over 7500 pages of information necessary to support and operate the QF-4. 5-D provides support liaison between the prime contractor and the various USAF support bases to ensure the QF-4 and F-4 elements are fully supportable through the life of the program. A summary of the efforts is below:

  • QF-4 TO updates
  • QF-4/F-4 Tech Order (TO) library maintenance
  • QF-4 Engineering drawing file maintenance
  • QF-4 CCB review/participation
  • IMDS usage/entry/analysis
  • GFE Logistics Liaison/Inventory Review
  • AMARG Logistics Liaison/Document/Review
  • Ogden Logistics Liaison/Document/Review
  • SPO Logistics Liaison/Document/Review
  • ILS Management- Weekly Telecons, QPR/PDR/CDR/PIWG/ICWG/IPR
  • GRDCS/DFCS CCB Review/Participation
  • Obsolescence Monitoring Review/Liaison


Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD)

The IAMD program’s charter is to Design, Develop, Produce, Field and Sustain the Army’s Portion of the Joint IAMD System of Systems Capability through an Integrated Battle Command Station and “Plug and Fight Kits” (Hardware and Software).


Logistics Effort
5-D’s Logistics contribution to the program includes providing SETA support to:

  • Acquisition Logistics Program Management Planning
  • Logistics Program Documentation Preparation
  • Logistics Input to RFP/SOW Development
  • Government Furnished Property Management and Control
  • Logistics Program Execution Assistance
  • Management Assistance to Logistics Director

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