Missile Defense Support/Acquisition Logistics

Integrated Air and Missle Defense (IAMD)

The mission of the Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Project Office (PO) at Redstone Arsenal (Alabama) is to develop, acquire, field and sustain an IAMD capability for the Army that will seamlessly interact with all current and future Army, Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental and Multi-national (JIIM) Net-centric air and missile defense architectures.


5-D Systems, Inc. provides defense and aerospace Performance Based Logistics (PBL) expertise to the IAMD PO and serves as the authority for life cycle support planning across all IAMD Integrated Product Support (IPS) elements. Our logistics managers and analysts:


  • Conduct the product support planning efforts for:
    • The IAMD Battle Command System (IBCS), an Air Defense Artillery (ADA) command, control, communications, computer, and intelligence (C4I) system
    • The integration of IAMD hardware and software into Patriot Air and Missile organizations 
    • The Sentinel Plug and Fight (P&F) Integration effort
  • Develop the IAMD Integrated Product Support Schedule.
  • Manage the product support efforts for the Patriot Radar Integration Unit (RIU) Integrated Fire Control Network (IFCN) interface kit, the Adapted Patriot Launcher Interface Network Kit (LINK) IFCN interface, and the IBCS Engagement Operation Center (EOC) hardware and software integration support for the Patriot system. 
  • Develop and provide input to critical program compliance documents to include the Life-Cycle Sustainment Plan, the Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP), the Business Case Analysis (BCA), the Core Depot Assessment / Source of Repair Analysis (CLA SoRA), the Manpower Estimate Report, the IBCS System Training Plan Policy (STRAP), the IBCS Maintenance Plan, and the Materiel Fielding Plan.
  • Conduct staff studies and analyses to determine methods and strategies to optimize integrated product support activities. 
  • Provide analyses, recommendations and logistics input for life cycle cost estimates and cost savings/avoidance strategies.

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