BQM-177A SNTC Trainer Software Development

Design, develop, and deliver a high-subsonic, sea skimming subscale aerial target that emulates an anti-ship cruise missile threat. Must also operate at 40k feet and carry a variety of mission payloads.


Software Effort
Design, develop, integrate, and test a real-time 6DOF SWIL with a BQM-177A ground control station console for operator training.


Software functionality includes:

  • Automatic code generation of 6DOF model and autopilot software from Simulink
  • Integration of auto-generated code with real-time Linux
  • Simulation control wrapper and network interface code for Linux-hosted simulation
  • GCS console to simulation network interfacing and message relaying
  • Windows-based GUI for simulation control to include loading custom missions and maneuvers


6DOF Flight Simulator for the Kalkara (MQM-107E) Subscale Aerial Target

The Kalkara Unmanned Aerial Target is the Royal Australian Navy variant of the MQM-107E subscale target system that provided fighter pilots (Royal Australian Air Force) and fire control officers (RAN) realistic targets during live fire training and weapons evaluation missions. The Kalkara 6DOF SimTrainer software provided target controllers a realistic flight simulator for pre-mission planning and practice, currency training, and preliminary test flights of unusual flight conditions.


The impetus for the development of the Kalkara 6DOF Simulator was a desire by the RAN to have a Kalkara aircraft flight simulator that accurately represented the aircraft’s flight dynamics and airborne system behavior. The intent of RAN was to use the flight simulator for pre-mission planning and basic flight controller training. Prior to the development and deployment of this software, the RAN possessed a limited fidelity simulation that was useful for conducting pre-mission practice and estimating mission time. When completed, the 6DOF Simulator supported not only pre-mission planning and practice but also possessed fidelity sufficient to support controller currency training and simulated test flights of unusual or hazardous flight scenarios.


Simulation Effort
The design and development of the 6DOF SimTrainer began with an existing 6DOF model of the USAF MQM-107E. 5‑D Systems ported and redesigned the existing model implementation from procedural FORTRAN to object-oriented C++. 5‑D then modified the aerodynamic coefficients and engine model to more closely match the flight data collected from previous Kalkara flights. 5‑D further extended the aerodynamic model to capture the effects of aircraft payload pods attached to the aircraft for certain operational missions. In order to simulate the handling qualities and systemic behavior of the aircraft, 5‑D integrated the Kalkara autopilot software and models of other key avionic subsystems into the 6DOF SimTrainer software. Finally, 5‑D integrated and tested this SimTrainer with the existing, in-place ground control station hardware.

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