Subscale Aerial Targets

MQM-107 Subscale Aerial Target


5-D Systems' support of the MQM-107E subscale aerial target system spans several variants of the basic target system and includes four primary users with different configurations of the system. These customers and users include both domestic and foreign militaries. The 107 program required engineering development and integration of the full suite of subsystems that comprise the MQM-107E. These include command telemetry systems, autopilot/flight control systems, airborne sensors, actuators, ground control stations, scoring systems, and a variety of mission payloads. 5-D personnel conducted a highly successful First Article Test and Flight Qualification Test Program for the USAF and the US Army. These flight demonstrations validated the performance of the target at Tyndall AFB, FL, using GRDCS, and at Mac Gregor Range, NM using TTCS. Subsequently, 5-D personnel have conducted qualification, test, and operational missions for a variety of users worldwide.

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