Unmanned Aerial Systems

Joint-Counter Low Slow UAV (J-CLU)

The goals of the Joint Counter Low, Slow, Small UAS (JCLU) Joint Test (JT) team are to develop and test tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) to improve the ability of integrated air and missile defense (lAMD) operators to detect, track, and identify low, slow, small (LSS) unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and improve battlespace reporting and situational awareness. The JCLU developed TTPs will improve the Area Air Defense Commander's (AADC's) ability to counter LSS UAS threats to the joint warfighter.
5-D Systems, Inc. provides engineering, test, and analytic support to the JCLU Feasibility Study Director (FSD) during the planning, execution and after-action data analysis phase of each of the testing events involved in the JCLU Joint Feasibility Study (JFS). Our testing experts and analysts are highly skilled in the application of testing and evaluation methodologies and have extensive experience in the operational procedures and systems currently used to detect, track, identify and target UAS. Our team members:


  • Provide comprehensive support to the customer as members of the Joint Test Support Cell (JTSC) to carry out the assigned tasks of the JFS using the Joint Test and Evaluation (JT&E) Program Handbook, and other government procedural guides and directives.
  • Conduct research, obtain relevant documents and directives, and establish liaison with sponsors, test participants, and stakeholders.
  • Perform studies, analyze options, and brief or provide briefing support to carry out the assigned tasks of the JFS.
  • Plan, coordinate, control, monitor, analyze, and document test events and after action activities.



Joint Unmanned Aerial Systems Center of Excellence (JUAS COE)

At the Joint Unmanned Aerial Systems Center of Excellence at Creech, AFB, 5-D supported the development of numerous UAS related Concepts of Operations (CONOPS), Concepts of Employment (CoE), research, finalized studies and in-depth analyses describing planning, execution, training and employment for joint staff and major Service commands. Unique multi-group CONOPS and JCIDS expertise supported the evaluation of existing and emerging UAS systems where employment requires integration into the joint force for Homeland Defense and Major Combat Operations.

5-D Systems provided operational expertise along with JCIDS, requirements and capabilities based assessment process experience to support concepts, doctrine and CONOPS development, analyses, command briefings and research related activities. 5-D SME and integration support for joint/service experimentation, M&S, tests and evaluation, exercises and training related venues assisted the warfighter at strategic, operational and tactical levels for planning and execution activities across the range of military operations.

Unique program management, IPT and working group leadership and facilitation capabilities have enhanced major, time-critical joint and Service UAS projects and activities led by the Joint UAS Center of Excellence. Key DOTMLPF-P (Doctrine, Organization, Training, Material, Leadership, Personnel, Facilities – Policies) issues and recommendations have been identified to consistently provide DOD decision makers verifiable and traceable results. Deliverables have increased joint and Service staff UAS planning expertise and integration. In-depth UAS studies have informed UAS Program Managers, policy makers, and joint/service training commands. Defense mission and task analyses have impacted unmanned and manned systems architecture developments.

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