The Right Mix of Knowledge and Experience

At 5-D Systems we specialize in systems and software engineering for defense and aerospace projects and customers. We apply a structured approach to systems engineering beginning with requirements development and progressing from conceptual design through detailed design, analysis, integration, test, production, and fielding/operation.  We take on our customer’s most challenging system technical problems because we understand that they don’t just want answers; they want the right answers and comprehensive solutions.  Our Engineering Services are built on a foundation of our proven processes which have been appraised to a full CMMI-DEV v1.3 rating of Maturity Level 3.  We also maintain a steady focus on specific requirements and the ultimate purpose of the project or program to ensure an outcome that meets the specific goals and objectives of the project.

Our talented and motivated workforce possesses systems engineering experience across a broad range of foundational engineering disciplines, including systems, electrical, mechanical, and aerospace that set us apart from our competition. As a result, 5-D Systems provides the right balance of systems engineering knowledge and experience to reliably and predictably perform.

We provide full-spectrum experience-based support to our customers for Concept of Operations (CONOPS) studies and analyses, requirements definition, and the evaluation of alternative operational and technical approaches for the development or deployment of military forces. This aptitude includes the development and evaluation of capability requirements that are necessary to meet the tactical commander’s objectives.  These requirement sets are provided for customer approval and maintained in a structured approach to maintain requirements compliance throughout the product life-cycle.

5-D is a recognized expert in aircraft accident investigations with a niche focus on unmanned and optionally-piloted incidents having led and supported these for our US Military/ DoD customers for over 20 years. Using the foundation from a comprehensive and thorough engineering approach, we have developed a successful and efficient process optimized for these remote control and autonomous cases. Our process includes the investigation necessary to definitively define the root cause of the incident as well as other contributing factors along with recommendations for system improvements to prevent reoccurrence of the mishap and reduce other risks.  We also typically uncover additional system improvement recommendations for findings unrelated to the incident.